Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Matt Lloyd’s Financial Tips for Affiliate Marketing Newbies

Finance is a very important issue for every business. This is true especially to small businesses because money is usually tight. You have to find a way to cut cost in one area to be able to cover the next. You also have to carefully plan how you use the money to make sure everything is covered while the business keeps growing

Like the rest of small businesses, as an affiliate marketer, you need to manage your money creatively to be able to reinvest in your business. You have to plan how much to invest in web hosting, traffic, marketing, etc.

Using Credit Cards

Matt Lloyd’s number one financial tip for affiliate marketers is to put all your business expenses on a credit card. He advises finding one really good credit card and making it your business credit card.

Matt Lloyd says he started using a credit card for business after he learn about the lucrative rewards programs a credit card can offer as you spend more. You are going to be making a lot of expenses for your business, especially as it grows. This expenses all add up, and can get you wonderful rewards that will benefit your business. A good credit card will give you points each time you spend, and the rewards you redeem from your points could be something as significant as free international flights.

Matt Lloyd also talks about the advantages that credit cards offer for bookkeeping.Keeping all your expenses in one credit card will help you track your expenses easily. You get periodic, itemized statements that eliminates having to keep every single receipt. This will also come in handy during tax time, you can just extract that information and pass it to your accountant, which saves you time and money.


Having all your business expenses in one place, separate from your personal expenses is the best financial decision you can make. Choosing a credit card gives you a lot of perks that will be beneficial to your business, and it also provides easy paper trail, so getting a business credit card is a necessity for every growing entrepreneur.


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