Monday, 27 June 2016

MOBE Training: How to Get You Emails Opened

It is important that you create well crafted, killer content that leads to closed deals. But, as good as your email body should be, it serves no purpose if it does not get opened. Your email needs to be able to cut through the clutter and capture a prospect’s interest enough to get opened. Below are three tips that will help you increase your email open rate.
MOBE Training: How to Get You Emails Opened

 1)      Maximize Your Email Subject Line

The subject of your email plays a great part in the email getting opened. Create a specific, direct subject that tells the customer what to expect in the email, while raising their curiosity enough for them to want to open it.

Research caution against emails with 60-70 characters. Marketers refers to this as the ‘dead zone’ of subject length, and emails with that may characters in their subject line hardly ever get opened. Subject lines with 49 characters and below proved to get opened more often.

      2)      Create a Catchy Hook

The first sentence of an email is critical in consumer decisions to keep reading. After looking at the subject of the email, customers will actively read the first sentence to decipher the email’s worth. If you don’t say anything that interests them within those first few seconds, you lose them.  They just move on to the next email out of the masses in their inbox.

This first sentence becomes even more important in nowadays settings because more people are reading emails from their smartphones. Most smartphones display the subject of the email and a preview of the first few words of the message. Because of this display layout, it’s important that your first sentence must really be something personalized to the recipient’s needs.

      3)      Reduce Spam Triggers

Most email providers will let you know if your email has red flag content that’s likely to get it marked as spam. Excessive use of sales prompt words like ‘buy’, ‘order’, and ‘clearance’ are likely to send your email straight to the spam folder.

Some of the words with the most selling power are also among the ones to trigger spam filters most, e.g. ‘click here’. Words such as this one will get you clickthroughs; people will continue to click your link and go to your page. Minimize the use of all other spam trigger words, and only use the ones that will serve you a purpose. See also The importance of an Email list


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