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Monday, 27 June 2016

MOBE Training: How to Get You Emails Opened

It is important that you create well crafted, killer content that leads to closed deals. But, as good as your email body should be, it serves no purpose if it does not get opened. Your email needs to be able to cut through the clutter and capture a prospect’s interest enough to get opened. Below are three tips that will help you increase your email open rate.
MOBE Training: How to Get You Emails Opened

 1)      Maximize Your Email Subject Line

The subject of your email plays a great part in the email getting opened. Create a specific, direct subject that tells the customer what to expect in the email, while raising their curiosity enough for them to want to open it.

Research caution against emails with 60-70 characters. Marketers refers to this as the ‘dead zone’ of subject length, and emails with that may characters in their subject line hardly ever get opened. Subject lines with 49 characters and below proved to get opened more often.

      2)      Create a Catchy Hook

The first sentence of an email is critical in consumer decisions to keep reading. After looking at the subject of the email, customers will actively read the first sentence to decipher the email’s worth. If you don’t say anything that interests them within those first few seconds, you lose them.  They just move on to the next email out of the masses in their inbox.

This first sentence becomes even more important in nowadays settings because more people are reading emails from their smartphones. Most smartphones display the subject of the email and a preview of the first few words of the message. Because of this display layout, it’s important that your first sentence must really be something personalized to the recipient’s needs.

      3)      Reduce Spam Triggers

Most email providers will let you know if your email has red flag content that’s likely to get it marked as spam. Excessive use of sales prompt words like ‘buy’, ‘order’, and ‘clearance’ are likely to send your email straight to the spam folder.

Some of the words with the most selling power are also among the ones to trigger spam filters most, e.g. ‘click here’. Words such as this one will get you clickthroughs; people will continue to click your link and go to your page. Minimize the use of all other spam trigger words, and only use the ones that will serve you a purpose. See also The importance of an Email list

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Where Should You Target Your MOBE Products Promotions?

The MOBE affiliate program has consultants all over the world, and this can get confusing for people on international markets when it comes to promotion. Should they promote MOBE products in their own localities or abroad, or do both?

MOBE products are only in English, which is not to say it will always be that way. But currently, they are in English, and the majority customer base is in English speaking countries. Most MOBE consultants are based in the United States, and that is a good market to target. The audience is more receptive to business training, so they are already a step closer to accepting and purchasing when you promote MOBE products to them. The market is open even to international MOBE consultants; you are not only limited to your own country.
The digital age has made it easy to target your ads to specific locations. You can select the region, country, state, even city you want your ads to be viewed, and currently you should focus more on the US, because that’s where the majority of buying customers are.

Non-English Speaking Markets
MOBE endeavors to bring MOBE products and business training to the rest of the world. We are currently looking at translating our materials into other languages—first Spanish, then Chinese and others. This is a big step that will require a lot of work to be done to come to realization. Live communication is a big part of MOBE, so the company will have to find and hire qualified customer support, telephone coaches and live presenters who speak those languages. It will have to find staff who are skilled in affiliate marketing and can sell MOBE products in those languages. In short, MOBE will to need to create entire teams to support the language.

The US is the most fruitful market for MOBE products, but that in no way means you cannot promote MOBE products to other English speaking countries like Canada, Australia and the UK.If you believe you can make sales in those countries, by all means, put some of your efforts towards thosemarkets.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

MOBE Training: How to Solve Employee Disputes

As an entrepreneur, you are bound to find yourself facing personality clashes at one point, be it something as small as someone playing music too loudly to really big issues like rumors and accusations. Generally, people will be civil and work together despite their differences, but sometimes issues are such that they cannot find a common ground and you will need to intercede.
Below are a few MOBE training tips that will help you prevent conflict, and tackle it in a manner that will satisfy both parties and resolve the situation.

      1)      Define Acceptable Behavior

Defining what is acceptable and unacceptable in the company is a positive step towards preventing conflict. Create a framework for decision making that will outline behaviors in line with the company’s rules and regulations. Also outline a delegation of authority statement, encourage sound business practices and collaborations, and reward excellent teamwork.

Clearly define job descriptions so that people know what is expected of them, and state clearly the chain of command to allow for effective communication. Make sure all employees are well aware of what will and will not be tolerated. This will clear up any confusion and misinterpretations that may lead to conflict.

      2)      Approach the Situation with an Open Mind

Be neutral and consider both points of view. If an employee reports an issue with another, call them both and listen to each side of the story without taking preference. Take an objective look and try to understand how each of the parties feel. Pay attention to each party’s queries and ask questions. Acknowledge the emotions both parties feel, but focus on the issue needing resolution.

      3)      Deal with Facts, not Emotions

Acknowledging emotions does not mean focusing on them. It means accepting that people are angry, unhappy, etc., and realizing that the emotions are just a byproduct of the problem. Address the problem, not emotions. Avoid the tendency to attack personalities or pass judgement on characters. Attacking someone’s character will only cause defensiveness and have people take offense, and that will only escalate the conflict. Approach the issue with a rational, goal oriented frame of mind, which will depersonalize the conflict and separate the issue from the people involved.


Conflict is a normal part of any organizational setting; the challenge of conflict lies in how it is handled. If it’s concealed or ignored, conflict is only likely to fester and grow into hostile working environments where employees can’t perform at their best potential. You should take conflict as an opportunity to grow. Provide a platform to reflect and readjust after one occurs. Doing this trains employees to face future difficulties with ease and effectiveness.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Matt Lloyd On Positive Mindset During Business Hardships

When you are starting your business from the ground, you will probably face a lot of dark times. Things might not be going the way you intended, you’ll be short of fund, and have your hands full keeping everything together. It can be demotivating, and it one of the major reasons most entrepreneurs quit within their first year.
It is part and parcel of the business world, and the only way to deal with it is through a positive mindset and a will to move forward.
MOBE founder, Matt Lloyd, like any other entrepreneur, is no stranger to those dark times. When he started his online marketing business back in 2008, he didn’t make any commission for months. Even after investing heavily and putting in 10 to 12 hours a day of work. 

Protect Your Investment
One of Matt Lloyd’s most motivating factor during those days was the investment he had made into the business. He says because he’d put in not only a lot of money, but also a lot of time into it, he was resolute to see it through to success.
When you are facing difficulties with your business, think of the money and time you have already invested in. You have come as far as starting your business, a step many people never reach. Now it’s the time to buckle up and protect your investment. 

Take Courage from Others
Because he could see other people who had become successful in the business he had invested in, Matt Lloyd said he knew success was possible, and that motivated him. As a MOBE consultant, you know there are a lot of other MOBE consultants who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars with the MOBE affiliate program. Research and evaluate your strategies to find out what they are doing to succeed, and reinvent your approach.

Be Deaf to Outside Negativity
Matt Lloyd says one of the things that helped him develop a resolute mindset was the people around him that told him he couldn’t succeed. There will be people around you who don’t understand or believe in what you are doing, or they are just trying to look out for you, so they might try to steer you towards another path they think would be more fruitful for you. Focus on your business and goal for success, and ignore all the outside noise. 

A positive mindset will get you through the hardest of times in business. Be clear of what you want to achieve and go for it. It might take a little longer, or be a little harder to get, but resolve to get it. If your first attempt doesn’t work, go back to the drawing board and evaluate what you can improve to achieve your goal.