Thursday, 16 June 2016

Where Should You Target Your MOBE Products Promotions?

The MOBE affiliate program has consultants all over the world, and this can get confusing for people on international markets when it comes to promotion. Should they promote MOBE products in their own localities or abroad, or do both?

MOBE products are only in English, which is not to say it will always be that way. But currently, they are in English, and the majority customer base is in English speaking countries. Most MOBE consultants are based in the United States, and that is a good market to target. The audience is more receptive to business training, so they are already a step closer to accepting and purchasing when you promote MOBE products to them. The market is open even to international MOBE consultants; you are not only limited to your own country.
The digital age has made it easy to target your ads to specific locations. You can select the region, country, state, even city you want your ads to be viewed, and currently you should focus more on the US, because that’s where the majority of buying customers are.

Non-English Speaking Markets
MOBE endeavors to bring MOBE products and business training to the rest of the world. We are currently looking at translating our materials into other languages—first Spanish, then Chinese and others. This is a big step that will require a lot of work to be done to come to realization. Live communication is a big part of MOBE, so the company will have to find and hire qualified customer support, telephone coaches and live presenters who speak those languages. It will have to find staff who are skilled in affiliate marketing and can sell MOBE products in those languages. In short, MOBE will to need to create entire teams to support the language.

The US is the most fruitful market for MOBE products, but that in no way means you cannot promote MOBE products to other English speaking countries like Canada, Australia and the UK.If you believe you can make sales in those countries, by all means, put some of your efforts towards thosemarkets.


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