Wednesday, 18 May 2016

MOBE Review: The Importance of an Email List

The money is in the list. That’s probably one of the most important internet marketing proverbs out there. What it basically means is that your lists will determine the kind of profit you will make. Build a strong email list, you can get very high conversion rates and make more profit, but a weak list can stagnant your business.

Why Email?

Email is still a very valuable method of communication online. Granted, social media is the new shiny toy in the internet marketing spectrum, but it is on borrowed land. The social media platform algorithms controls what your audience see,it’s out of your control. When you send email, it is up to you to make sure you optimize your emails for your audience to open it. You also build deeper relationships with prospects through emails than with social media

Is Bigger Always Better?

It’s good to have a large email list, as long as the list is relevant to your product. But there is no use in having a list of hundreds of thousands of people that does not convert, and an audience that has no interest in your products wont convert. If you are promoting MOBE products and your emailing list is made up of teenagers, you are likely to get very low conversion. You should be focusing on finding people who are in business and are looking to improve.

Content Is Everything

Your content is what will get people to open your emails, and what will keep them reading. Optimize your content to offer information of value to your audience.Set yourself to be a trusted advisor by giving proven, expert information that helps them solve a problem, especially related to the products you are promoting. Structure the content to help your audience see how your products can help solve their problems.


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