Thursday, 31 March 2016

Matt Lloyd Advice on Selecting a Traffic Method

Matt Lloyd Advice on Selecting a Traffic Method
One question most affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs usually ask is 'How can I find a traffic generation method that does not cost a lot?' When addressing this question, Matt Lloyd says this is the wrong question to ask. Marketers should rather be asking 'What traffic method is going to generate the greatest return on investment?'. He says one of the biggest mistakes new marketers make is sourcing for traffic generation methods with an intent of spending the least amount of money possible. The think that because they spend less on purchase, the expenditure will not cut much into their investment returns.

Investment Return Versus Investment Cost

The investment price, however has nothing to do with the value it can create. Instead of choosing a lower investment traffic method, study your available options and find the one that will offer the best returns. For example, a $5 source of traffic that offers you mere clicks, or a $200 source that guarantees a certain number of buyers. Of course the wise decision will be the $200 source, which even though might cost a lot more than the first option, you know you will make good returns from it.

Final Thought

It's easy to choose the cheapest traffic sources when you are just starting out and have very little money to spend, but the learning curve from can be quite steep. It could take months for you to get it right, especially if you are working a day job and have only so little time to spend. Your time will be consumed by maintaining the blog and creating search engine friendly content, when you should be growing your lists and converting your leads to sales. So, to answer the question 'which traffic method is going to give you the best return on investment', Matt Lloyd advises paid traffic that can guarantee you actual buyers.


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