Monday, 11 January 2016

MOBE Training - How to Get Consistent, High-Quality Traffic

Many Internet marketers who are just starting out share the same frustrations about traffic.
Either they can’t get consistent traffic, or the traffic they’re getting doesn’t convert, or they don’t have $10,000 to test 20 different traffic sources in hopes to find one or two that are profitable.
But what if I managed your traffic campaigns for you? Would that be a solution? I’m talking about going and cherry picking all of my proven traffic sources and then placing your ads there. Sound good?

Buying Power Advantage

The reason I’m asking is because MOBE will soon be opening a new traffic co-op. Now, maybe you’ve been involved with co-ops before, but this one is very different. You’ve never seen a co-op quite like this one. I promise.
For starters, I’m personally going to test it first. And I’m going to cherry pick exactly which traffic sources convert. If they don’t convert, we won’t use them. Period.
Of course, the main advantage is that MOBE has a huge buying power—and we’re in a position to leverage it on your behalf.
For example, let’s say you want to do a solo ad that costs $1,000. So, you go to the solo ad vendor and ask for the best possible deal they can give you. The vendor will say, “Well, it’s a thousand dollars, just like it says on the website.”
However, if I go to that same vendor and tell him I want to buy 50 of those solo ads over the next three months, do you think they’ll be willing to negotiate a bit more based on the volume I’m doing? Of course, they will. That’s collective buying power and I’m leveraging MOBE’s size and reach in exchange for discounts.
And when you’re talking about spending $100,000 per month on traffic at a minimum, you can often get somewhere between 30 percent and 40 percent off retail. That’s hugely important because it can mean the difference between being profitable or being stuck and unable to grow your business.


Margin Protection

There’s a saying in Internet marketing: you make your money when you buy thetraffic.
If you’re always paying retail for traffic, chances are, that’s your margin. And it’s very hard to be profitable when your margin is being eaten up by advertising costs.
But when you buy traffic at wholesale costs—as MOBE will do on your behalf because we have the volume—you save a lot. You get much, much better deals.

Quality Control

I’m always on the lookout for high quality traffic sources and, at MOBE, we know what to look for. For example, we always make sure we’re going to traffic sources that are constantly replenishing their leads. Otherwise, the same leads would keep seeing the same offer over and over, and it would just be a matter of time before they stopped buying.
Another way we gauge the quality of a traffic source is by looking at how often their leads have been exposed to MOBE. The vendors we’ll be doing deals with have very little exposure to MOBE and the reason is simple: the average MOBE partner doesn’t buy $1,000 solo ads. The vast majority of them spend closer to $100 on a solo ad.
Finally, you need to understand that many of the traffic sources I’m looking at have a minimum buy-in, usually in the range of $10,000.
So, these are traffic sources that many of our partners wouldn’t be able to work with on their own. But with us investing on your behalf, you can gain access to these vendors—and their high quality, untapped leads.
Matt Lloyd


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