Tuesday, 8 December 2015

MOBE - The One Thing You Need To Succeed In LifePath

Forget about age. Forget about past experience. In fact, forget about your past all together. It won't determine your success in starting your very own LifePath business.

What will you ask?

Desire. Scratch that, a Burning Desire. Sound far fetched? Let me explain.....

I've found that the biggest reason why people fail in starting a LifePath business, or any home based business for that matter, is that they go into it with the wrong attitude. If you think that your buying some magic income generating machine, that runs automatically, then think again. Its those that put in the work in the beginning to set themselves up, that go on to make six figure incomes in a month.

'But Matt, isn't the whole reason for buying a LifePath home based business that you can work less and earn more?'

Sure- look, I'm not saying that you have to put in 10 hour days. What I am saying is that you must be consistent with your efforts, even if its only for one or two hours a day. Personally, I put in three solid hours, but I'm aiming high. Its not so much about the hours you put in, but rather its about the action you take.

I've had associates ring me up and say 'Matt, I'm not getting results, what am I doing wrong, why is this so hard, etc, etc'

Then I ask, 'Ok, so tell me, what have you done today to create more leads? What have you done to develop your leadership abilities? What have you done to help your own team members succeed?'

And then come the excuses....

This isn't really a hard business- the system is there, and has been proven countless times. But its up to each of us to ensure we follow it, and to ensure our own team members follow it.

Here it is;

1.) Generate a lead
2.) Contact your lead, and qualify whether they are right for the business
3.) Direct them to one of our information sessions- eg a webinar, or website
4.) Call them back, and collect a decision.

Easy right?

Till next time my friends,

Matt Lloyd

The hardest phase in starting any business is the beginning. Its here that you either sink or swim.


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